Too much homework

Lithuania is trying to be like other, more advanced countries but not quite. In Ireland, classes are happening until 4 pm but students don’t have to do any work when they get back home. In Lithuania, classes are happening until 3 pm but students have to do work when they’re back home for 2-3 hours. I decided to do this sketch because when I get back home I don’t feel like doing homework and would much rather spend more time with my friends or get more quality sleep.


Ugne 1





University / School / Youth organisation

Workshop Kaunas


Below you’ll see the cartoons that have been made inspired by the sketch above.

Nahid Zamani, Iran


Nahid Zamani



Why did you choose this sketch?

This sketch remind me my childhood, I can feel her emotions from bottom of my heart. I think student can find more creativity by playing and experiencing new activities, instead of sitting and doing bunch of homeworks. Our world needs more to creative and happy people instead of exhausted specialists!

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