Peace & Justice

Since 2014, we have worked with the Hague Project peace and justice, an initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and the city of The Hague, each year to promote human rights, peace, justice and security using cartoons and our network of cartoonists.

Working with Dutch embassies all over the world, ambassadors are paired with cartoonists from our network to give guest lectures at schools and universities in several countries. Cartoonists show the importance of their work, and ambassadors talk about the relevance of peace and justice. And we challenge young people to draw their own cartoons!

Making Impact!

Cartoon competition

How do you make impact? Cartoons stimulate people to think critically and challenge them to visualize complex problems. If done well the image makes you think in a matter of seconds.

We are launching a cartoon competition ahead of The Hague Justice Week (June 5 to 9) to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Justice for all can only be reached if we have the freedom to express ourselves in fair and peaceful communities that leave no one behind. A focus on justice is necessary in solving all conflicts. Think about how to mitigate climate change, create gender equality, fight hunger, strengthen peace processes, battle fake news and tackle health issues. These are conflicts that can only be solved if we work together in an open, inventive and inclusive way.

But how do we do this?

In this competition we’re asking you to think about how to achieve justice in a conflict in your part of the world. Do you have an idea how to prevent or peacefully resolve this issue?

Use your creativity to shape this idea in the form of a cartoon and send it to us! Images have the power to carry a message in a clever, funny and informing way. Send us your idea as a drawing. Professional cartoonists choose the best, most inspiring ideas and turn them into editorial cartoons.

How to join?

  1. Make a sketch or cartoon that shows how to create peace and justice.
  2. Upload your idea.
  3. Check back in a day or two to see if your cartoon got picked up by our network of 600+ cartoonists and was turned into a cartoon!
  4. If your idea is picked, it will be part of an international cartoon exhibition on peace and justice at the Hague Justice Week 2023, taking place in the Netherlands in June 2023. They can also be seen in many other locations around the world.
Upload idea

Participating embassies can download project information here.

Ideas of youth about Peace & Justice

Scroll down to see the voice of youth across the world. Their ideas and sketches together with the professional cartoons created by human rights cartoonists from around the world. There are more sketches and cartoons to come, so make sure to stay tuned!