Peace & Justice

Since 2014, we have worked with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands each year to promote human rights, peace, justice and security using cartoons and our network of cartoonists.

Working with Dutch embassies all over the world, ambassadors are paired with cartoonists from our network to give guest lectures at schools and universities in several countries. Cartoonists show the importance of their work, and ambassadors talk about the relevance of peace and justice. And we challenge young people to draw their own cartoons!

In 2022, we will focus human rights ands the question: do human rights deserve universal protection? The Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been around since 1948, but many countries continue to violate human rights on a daily basis. Through cartoons, we’re challenging you to to think about human rights.

Do human rights vary from country to country, depending on their respective culture, traditions and religion, or are human rights universal? And if human rights are universal, should they be enforced by an international agency like the UN?And what would this enforcement look like?

How to join?

  1. Make a sketch or cartoon that shows how you think about human rights.
  2. Upload your idea.
  3. Check back in a day or two to see if your cartoon got picked up by our network of 600+ cartoonists and was turned into a cartoon!
  4. If your idea is picked, it will be part of an international cartoon exhibition on human rights at the World Justice Forum 2022, taking place in the Netherlands in May 2022. And if your idea is selected as one of the best, you will be invited to the opening of the exhibition!

Upload idea

Participating embassies can download project information here.

Participating schools or students can download project information here.

Ideas of youth about Peace & Justice

Scroll down to see the voice of youth across the world. Their ideas and sketches together with the professional cartoons created by human rights cartoonists from around the world. There are more sketches and cartoons to come, so make sure to stay tuned!