The Power of Cartoons

Cynics may well wonder: What kind of power can a cartoon possible posses? Well, cartoons can poke, harass, jab, outrage, infuriate, tickle or enlighten. Cartoons attack arrogance, an ignorance, corruption, and abuse, expose those who need exposing, defend freedom and even bring about change.

Giacomo Cardelli (Italy)

Freedom fighters

To do this, however, is not easy feat. The cartoonists must combine journalism and artistry, creativity and accuracy. A cartoonists has just the one image to get the point across. On average, a viewer will spent just three seconds looking at a cartoon. This means the cartoon has to deliver the message immediately and clearly, and do so in a way that makes you laugh or think, or both.

A pillar of democracy

Wherever there is power, there are people who fear this power. The editorial cartoonists is one of the most avid defenders of freedom of expression, because editorial cartoons cannot exist where and when freedom is not present. Those who seer to limit freedom, seek to limit the power and influence of editorial cartoons. Every day, cartoonists in various parts of the world are prosecuted for crossing the lines that people have set to protect this privilege. And every day, cartoonists continue to push the limits, to defend freedom of expression are a basic right. It’s a pilar of democracy.

Jimmy Margulies - USA