The other Pandemics

There are other pandemics going on such as: Poverty, Gender Based violence, Racism, Unemployment, Xenophobia, Homophobia and abuse. The disinfectant to the brutalities are education, love, peace, compassion, respect and kindness. Comic Frame 1: In the comic I am the future doctor and Mama Africa is a traditional healer and she's an African fortune teller who has the world as her crystal ball except in these case the world is infected by the pandemics hence the earth is shaped like a virus. I asked Mama Africa, 'when will the pandemic end?' 'Here take this, it will help, 'said Mama Africa Frame 2: Mama Africa gives me a disinfectant similar to Dettol but except this disinfectant kills the other viruses that are mentioned on the spray. Frame 3: Mama Africa told me that : 'Future doctor, this is the time for everyone to disinfect from the brutality of this world. Once we take care of our people the world will heal and the African dream will be fulfilled.' Frame 4: I asked Mama Africa, 'what does the future hold?' Mama Africa said to me, 'For a bright future everyone needs to take the ubuntu korobela vaccine.' Ubuntu means unity Korobela is an african love potion that forces people to fall in love with each other Frame 5: Ubuntu Korobela oral vaccine For: Love, peace, kindness, understanding, compassion and respect Frame 6: Mama Africa: The world will finally be free. Notice how the world is a little back to normal compared to what is was before (shape)


Mabongi Jessica Nyalungu


South Africa


Nelspruit, Mpumalanga but currently in Russia studying medicine. (All my family is in SA)




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