In 2007 when I was nine years old, three burglars broke into our house and stole our belongings. At that time my little sister was about one years old. She was crying a lot and so they asked my parents to keep her quite or else they will kill her. My parents tried and she just couldn’t stop and so the criminals tried to shoot her but my dad took a dive for the bullet and saved her life. The gun shot was directly in his chest and it just missed his heart. Dr Roos (Cardio-thoracic surgeon) gave him the name lucky because he survived this unfortunate incidence. When drawing this image I first thought of the gun. The gun really gives me flashbacks because there was a time that the gun was lying on the table while the criminals were looking for items to steal. I thought of taking the gun to shoot them but I was just 9 years old and I don’t even know how it works. I was afraid that there might not be any bullets inside so I just stared at the gun for a long time until the criminals took it away. I thank God that we are all still alive. Miracles do happen and I believe South Africa’s future is bright. Here is the article:

One blood, One heart, One nation = South Africa

The praying hands: We should pray for a bright future. Despite our different religions as a country and world we should pray everyday for the best future that we can imagine. Miracles and dreams do come true. The sun presents new beginnings and hope for the future. Staircase: South Africa still has a long way to go to improve and become a better nation but it takes one step at a time to succeed. The key :'Education is the KEY to success'- Nelson Mandela. Through education, employment opportunities can be created hence decreasing the poverty and crime rate in South Africa. Education also teaches us basic morals and principles such as love, care, kindness, peace, respect and unity. This can play a role in decreasing crime, racism, hate, rape, assault and Gender Based Violence. The light bulb puzzle represents that we should unite and inspire each other in order for us to be better and happy people. We need to help each other in this world like brothers and sisters. We need to share our ideas, visions and find solutions to our problems through creativity and Innovation. It symbolizes that we are intelligent beings in our own way and we each play an important role to society and we all complete each other like a puzzle. Soccer ball: symbolizes sports in South Africa which plays a huge role in nation building. It symbolizes the healthy activities and enjoyment that we have in our country. Gangster S in safety: We need to create a safe environment that is free from gangs and crimes. Gun: We need to stop violence in general. We should stop killing each other during crimes such as robberies. A lot of people get killed just for cellphones and just for R100. We should stop this, we are one blood. The rainbow represents diversity (rainbow nation) and the hand holding the gun shows different races trying to stop the hate crime we have for each other. We should stop hate crime such as racism. We are calling each other names and shooting and hating each other but we forget that we are one blood. Different colored figures (stick men): We are one blood, one nation. We should unite and conquer this world through diversity. I believe South Africa is privileged in having so many different cultures, races, religions, languages. It is absolutely phenomenal. We should actually show this off to the world because it makes us unique. We should embrace and enjoy each others company. Blood drooping: This can represent a lot of things such: 1) The murders and the crimes that are committed in South Africa. They are so bad that the whole world knows us for our crimes. Which brings pain and sorrow to everyone's heart. We can do better as a nation, because we are one blood. 2) In the world we are also famous for the high HIV and Aids rate. We should stop judging people and we should also inform our partners about our HIV statuses so that we can try to avoid spreading the virus.We should also promote abstinence and protection. HIV is no longer a death sentence and can be treated through healthy life style and taking medication. 3)We should donate blood to people who desperately need it because everyone deserves life. Everyone's heart deserve's to beat. Although the country has shed a lot of blood. South Africa is our land (grass and soil). It is up to us to grow. We need to flourish and nourish (maize meal) our people with good ethical leadership and behavior. We will finally be free (birds) and we will have peace and love (flags) to share with everyone. This will bring a good balance to the pain we have endured as a nation.


Mabongi Jessica Nyalungu


South Africa


Place of Birth: Nelspruit, High School: Pretoria High School for girls, University: Derzhavin State Medical University (Russia)


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Bahram Arjmandnia
Why did you choose this sketch?
Dear Mabongi Jessica Nyalungu. That's absolutely right, and the great Nelson Mandela has given priority to educating the younger generation and children. We all complement each other like puzzle pieces. It is a sign of the wish of that child, who unfortunately lost his father's leg due to the war. We must unite and eradicate all violence. Hoping for very good days all over the world, especially dear Africa

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