Gender Binary

This cartoon comments on the idea of the Gender Binary as well as Discourses surrounding heteronormativity that have been enforced in our everyday life. It is the idea that men have to be masculine and always associate them selves with things we consider “manly” like only wearing blue and pants or appearing strong, brave and violent. This challenges that narrative, here we have an icon of a human wearing a skirt on the toilet door, because of heteronormativity, we assume that this means ONLY WOMEN, cause society has made us think only females can wear dresses or Express femininity... yet it doesn’t say “only girls” on the door, hence we can interpret it the way we want to. It is a new era in the world, where humans should be able to express their Gender in any way they want to, it aims to promote diversity and the acceptance as well as let him of old traditional ideas that may be homophobic and sexist.


Lesedi Masheane


South Africa


South Africa


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