Cold stones into warm trees

Death has always been a part of our lives and it always will be. We can't avoid it. So the best thing to do would be to change the way we bury people into something, that would be goof dor our future. Instead of cold gravestones we should plant a tree. It would solve abundance of problems with one solution. First of all, we would prevent global warming, because there would be a lot of trees, which produce O2 and absorbs CO2. Second, we would prevent deforestation. We would be no more afraid that our grandchildren would go to see trees in a museum like some kind of exhibit. Finally, cities are running out of room to bury the dead, so funerals cost more, planting trees on top of graves would solve these problems too.







University / School / Youth organisation

Merkinė Vincas Krėvė gymnasium


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Bahram Arjmandnia, Iran


Bahram Arjmandnia



Why did you choose this sketch?

Dear Aureja . Planting lots of trees was an interesting idea so that future generations would not have to see the trees in museums. I agree with you. Cold and soulless stones for the grave of every human being and …

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