Lost wars

About the cartoon

Nigeria, a new african story.

About the artist

Marco De Angelis was born in Rome (Italy) in 1955. He is cartoonist, illustrator of many children’s books for important publishers, graphic designer, professional journalist of the daily La Repubblica. He published on over 150 newspapers in Italy and abroad from ’75. The New York Times Syndicate distributes his satirical works worldwide. Some publications: Il Popolo, Il Messaggero, Il Mattino, La Repubblica, Panorama, Grazia, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Courrier International, Le Monde, Nebelspalter, Yez, etc. He collaborated with many associations, companies and televisions (RAI and TMC). He is in the central staff of the magazine online “Buduàr”. He won the Golden Palm in Bordighera ’97, two prizes of the Council of Europe and other 90 international prizes (Istanbul, Tehran, Tokyo, Skopje, Montreal, Krusevac, Olen, Ferrara, etc.).